I purchased this sheet feed scanner for scanning OCR forms using Autodata. The driver offers some nice additional functionality. If you want to make use of all available features, then appropriate software must be installed. Compared to the similarly priced Canon DRC , this scanner is very easy to set up. Notify me when Windows 7 drivers are available. Add to comparison chart.

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It really does what it says on the box, easy to use, quick and very compact so can fit on any desk. Fujitsu fiC reviews 7 reviews. Country Selector Global Change. Add to comparison chart.

Peace of mind Price promise. Thus, I was delighted recently when Fujitsu was nice enough to send me an evaluation unit of the ScanSnap fiCthe next model up in the line.

Fujitsu has an excellent reputation in the document scanning business. Fast, good quality, works well in duplex, easy to set up and operate and has worked seamlessly despite a heavy load.

Fujitsu fiC drivers Sales brochure: If necessary, you can download it from: This one does the job nicely. I have broken my review down in to the sections below: However, before you download this driver, check to see if the present release is compatible with your scanner model and, afterwards, make sure the package supports your computer OS version and bit architecture.


Notify me when Windows 7 drivers are available. Included is also the full version of Adobe Acrobat 6. Fixed the defect that the application does not informed of the correct size of image when [Rotation degree: Even when scanning several hundred documents a day, the speedy taain transport ensures almost immediate access to the scan results. For some reason, my scanner defaulted to millimeters. What Fujitsu have to say Change to inc VAT prices.

The user interface has only crashed once which I think is perfectly acceptable. The scanner is just what we wanted, small quick and simple.

I noticed a slight deformation at the bottom of the scanned image, but apparently this is normal for a sheet feed scanner, and hasn’t caused any problems with the OCR software.

By executing the downloaded “Ft9l15xX4. Your rating out of 5. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. Be careful not to overload the sheet feeder and make sure teain sheets are well separated else it may jam, but it is easy to pull the sheets out and re-feed them.


Fujitsu fiC TWAIN Scanner: Scanner One

Also comes with full version of Adobe Acrobat which many may find useful. When you put the sheets together to be scanned, the small crease will be in a different place for each sheet. Compared to the similarly priced Canon DRCthis scanner is very easy to set up. This scanner we find really easy to use and it takes up very little space and has revolutionised our office and made our photocopier redundent.

Software Downloads: fi-5110C

Acrobat 8 can hide the Fujitsu scanner driver allowing you to control many scanner functions directly from Acrobat such as two-sided scanning, color mode and resolution.

I allocated 20MB of memory.

Fujitsu has specially developed this scanner for document capturing and processing applications and delivering optimized images. If you want to make use twaib all available features, then appropriate software must be installed.

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