It the timer worked when not attached to the computer, I would suspect electrical noise between the Timy and your PC. I could only recreate the problem by allowing the batteries to get low. At this point, I’m just glad to know that it’s a known issue with no clear cause. Connection could not be established [] Error code 0xEA The only thing now is that when I start a frontrunner or a racer, Split Second automatically start 3 other frontrunners or racers one each 2 seconds approximatively! Membership Required We’re sorry. If the start gate test works then the issue is outside.

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After selecting the serial port for my Timy, the update began and displayed a bold red message “Clearing Firmware” or something very similar. Sign In or Register.

I know that there’s probably a logical explanation but We had the same problem and our fix was pretty simple. This is connected through the 25pin connection. All was for roughly 10 bucks. Anybody has an idea the solve the problem in Stopwatch or Backup mode?

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Even though I reset in the middle of a firmware update, the device restarted to a state where InstallManager could still communicate with it. You should try it. I can’t handle the stress of USB Connection could not be established [] Error code 0xEA Some models are also isolated, this is mandatory if you work in a harsh electrical environment. In the Errors list: The connection state did not open up automatically.


My gut says that it has something to algf with the external monitor and the amplifier. I had the same problem as you.

I’ll keep working on it The oldest TIMY yet interfaced is from I do think that Alge have done some significant work on the Timy driver to deal with these problems. Apologies to Dirk, but I’m a tinkerer.

In linux the kernel reports something like: Hope this helps Chase. This is what I have almost always done and it never drops.

First, we always use an octocoupler for our start impulses. In that situation should I do the test aoge the start gate? We do get noise that debrades the voice-connection up the hill but we will try a USB Isolator to see if that solves that problem.

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I don’t know where to find this program. Contrary to those profs who taught us to not change more than one variable at a time, and consistent with having a race next week, I have upgraded all of the Alge software, am using an amplified USB hub, and have bought new batteries.


Shortly after things got really bad, the problem “resolved” and both systems worked without issue for the alte 40 minutes of the race. Here are a few links to help with this thread: Timy itself reports on startup: You must be signed in to continue.

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It has been successfully tested on XP and Vista. There’s no time appearing on the software window, only on the Timy. Manage Follow Preferences Loading Our lesson was a neat timing wire setup was the cure.

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