LCD screen is clear and bright. If that’s the case, then a blackbook wouldn’t be a wise choice. Things look perfectly fine for me. You can’t stay ahead of the curve regardless but it’s nice to have the latest you can get if it’s feasible. Apple MacBook Mid I consider mine an excellent machine.

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Laptops of any brand are not good gaming machines because they cannot be upgraded easily. For low-resolution gaming, the site discovered that “some games actually are x1300 but for high-resolution gaming and serious graphics applications:. So is the GMA x flawed hardware wise, or are there simply no decent drivers for it. Apple Macbook A Jan 30, 6: On google, a lot of sites seem to confirm my friends’ claims.

Also, I don’t want an external monitor to limit graphics performance either nothing spectacular, 20 inch x However buying added System RAM is a good idea. Great value for the price. Apr 27, 6: I’ve seen a lot of clips on you tube of GMA x macbooks and the animation was really smooth, even when doing the cube effect when switching between windows, linux and os x. Not sure if works.


Hackintosh laptop running Yosemite 10.10.1 w/ X3100 graphics

Apple Macbook A – Lot of 50, you will be happy with the condition of it. Skip to main content.

Jul 7, I’d like to see how mine does in comparison, more for curiosity’s sake than anything. Otherwise, you’ll see very slow game performance. Ask a question Reset. Processor Type see all. Do you want to recover the RAM had been given to the video controller?

It has been tested and is fully functional. Storage Type see all.

Intel Core 2 Duo. Hard core gamers will still want to steer clear of the MacBook line, but if you play games only occasionally or you tend to play games that are only moderately graphics-processor-intensive, you’ll definitely benefit from the MacBooks’ new graphics chip.

Will Apple never release a decent driver for the gma x? I don’t think that the ram is bad because i have do the apple hardware test.


The truth about the GMA x Macbook – Apple Community

This is an amazing price, so why not get the best Mac for this price range?. The reality is, they’re really not that bad for general use! User apole for user: This laptop hard drive has been wiped clean and has received a fresh install of OS That was help full, I guess I will be getting a new MacBook and not a refurb.

Processor Type see all. Halo just shuts down. No one got a clue? My friend has the newst Macbook pro and it handels graphics beautifully. Operating System see appel. Will be in full working order.

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