No problem for me. Retrieved July 1, If you are using Ubuntu x86 you must download x86 packages. Now, I want to avoid any problem, so what am I supposed to do with the error? Thanks a lot for this guide! So I guess untill there won’t be a fix in linux like in windows that it switches graphic card manually or maybe once upon a time new version of bios, I cannot use unity 3D.

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AMD Radeon HD 8650G

Device rev 01 Also when I do this: Appears that you didn’t read this topic. I then undid Step 2 in the instructions above because it’s not clear to me what this accomplishes and I was hoping the suspend problem would clear up. TeraScale 2 TeraScale 3. After following the instructions, the integrated card still cannot render menus and icons on the desktop unless logging in with Ubuntu 2D. Then Change to the desired GPU and reboot last time!

AMD Radeon HD G – Tech

Please also install all updates available for your computer before starting and reboot if you’re proposed to. It’s not safety and I don’t recommend this. Nicolla I updated my bios and last night with a fresh install of ubuntu I had atti put a lot of kernel parameters but still having hangs, freezing and a lot lot of reports.


System is hanging on and crashing for a while. Using a simple linear regression, I can predict, likely with good accuracy given the neat linear fit of the data, how many minutes of total battery life I could expect.

List of AMD graphics processing units – Wikipedia

But there are some problems I use Vostro with Radeon M, Ubuntu I really recommend everybody that’s having problem to follow the post 1 until the following command: Xhipset after rebooting i get error that i am running in low graphic mode xhipset i have to delete xorg.

But the process isn’t over yet, scroll down and follow the general instructions you have to perform otherwise you wont be able to boot into display.

Chipsey proprietary driver installer application from Ubuntu. Dell Precision e. I have been using But it looks like card in not running in low-power mode – clocks are still at mhz.

There is no lib for intel video card. But ad to get rid of tearing with the radeon card? I want also to test activate my Radeon HD M You must be logged in to post a comment.


I don’t see it in main thread, thants why I just restarts my lightdm service and it’s doesn’t work first. Could it be related?

AMD Radeon™ HD 8900 Graphics Cards

I have not installed vgaswitcheroo. Before, make sure you have libgl1-mesa-dri installed. This tutorial requires the use of the terminal, but still is simple if you’re a beginner, you will just have to past some commands on it and press “Enter”. Power consumption is a lot better now, it seems that my battery last 4 times more with the integrated card, but this isn’t still good as in Windows.

P I am using Ubuntu If you have card older than Radeon HD 5xxx series, i. Your system may require more or less power.

Then try lower versions from Catalyst for example Can someone tell me if Unity 3D works?

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