I am already using the Omega drivers. With that being said, if you’re confident you won’t be playing any titles that need 8-bit palettized textures, maybe try a driver version that’s somewhat period-correct for better performance I normally use Catalyst 3. Thanks for the info regarding R vs R 9xxx series cards. Anyway, a new entrant at the DDR4 memory market should improve the situation with the RAM kits and modules retail pricing. You won’t get the black bars on the sides or stretching problems but the screen will be off center in most cases and the aspect ratio will be bigger than normal. Unknown manufacturer Unknown platform.

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Under WinXP, the final few revisions of R Catalyst drivers re-enabled table fog and 8-bit palletized textures. You’ll need a display with a VGA input. I have a hp pavillion zv series which came with an ATI Mobility 900 IGP video card and jobility my other pc crashed I ran my 21″ viewsonic monitor on my laptop for about a month.

Hewlett-Packard HP xw Workstation based on Board index All times are UTC. This monitor possesses the MVA matrix with the You could also consider getting a wide aspect ratio monitor that has the same native height in pixels as one of the supported resolutions.


ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 (Omega 3.8.442) Drivers

Definitely don’t buy a monitor with the expectation of using a non-native resolution in scaled mode, it’s a miserable experience. Possible resolutions for an external monitor by VGA connection based on the OEM driver installed onto your notebook system and the monitor resolutions supported: OptiPlex based on Dell Inc. Thanks for the info you all have been giving me so far. As suggested before any non wide screen monitor should do just fine.

Phil from PhilsComputerLab mentioned one time how performance under Win98 can fluctuate depending on the driver version you use. Costco is a good choice, for example.

Driver download

I’ll try to check out Catalyst 3. Just stretch in an awkward way.

I’d be very interested to hear some responses. What size were the monitors you were using in your dual-screen setup with the D?

This is what they said: Precision WorkStation based on I first connected the monitor using oega included DVI cable. Even though my laptop doesn’t have a DVI port, the docking station it’s connected to does.

Thanks to all for the help! If you’re curious about the Omega drivers, here is Archive.

VOGONS • View topic – ATI Radeon on Win Best driver version?

July 26, 3: Tips on PowerStrip or any other utility would be greatly appreciated. I know it’s confusing, but that’s how ATI did it back then. Can everyone still play DVD movie using movility new driver? Look at New Egg or Deal News for good prices. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. I was ignorant of that.


Finally, get the the display somewhere aati be able to return it easily if it doesn’t work out. Other than what I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s going pretty well so far.

Please read and radeeon the instructions provided to complete this process. I didn’t have many problems from what I remember. When I tried to run the resolution at X it took me about min of trial and error to get it to look the way I wanted. I’m planning to install the omega driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon after experiencing some unpleasantness with Myst4.

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