PM5 reset – Insert a pen into the recess at the rear of the PM5 to reset it. Concept2 recommends plugging in directly to a USB port on your computer and not using a hub. I may try to strip it down to something more bare bones tonight to see more clearly what is happening without the layers of PyRow code. If you have any problems with your PM4 connection to RowPro, follow the troubleshooting steps below:. Assign 1, 2, 3 etc. When prompted for a user name:

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Make sure the PM5 does not have flat batteries and works appropriately by itself when not connected to your computer. If it is compatible, your model and serial number will be listed for that part. The interrupt endpoint returns variable-length data.

Click Ok to return to the Concept2 Utility main screen. Updating Firmware Updating Firmware.

PM3 Troubleshooting

Next do a ‘pinhole reset’ at the back of each PM to ensure it’s ready. Do you have a spare USB cable from an old printer? The most important step is the preparation. If you have any problems with your PM3 connection to RowPro, follow the troubleshooting steps below:.


After also setting the default timeout to ms and adding the suggested option the cmdline. The Ush transfer is typically 63 bytes.

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If you have performed the reset and are still encountering problems with the update, please note the PM screen contents error messages, etc. If you have attempted the update multiple times without success, try another USB port.

Kind regards to anyone who can help.

PM5 firmware version – Check which PM5 firmware version you have. Prior to using the USB flash drive to store results or perform firmware updates, it must be initialized.

Android Connection Kit | Concept2

Contact Us Chat Now. Select the checkmark icon to save the changes.

Quad plans enable 4, Crew plans enable 8, Club plans and day free trials enable PM reset – Insert a pen or paper clip into the recess at the rear of the PM to reset it.

The shipping rates will be located under the shipping address fields. PM4 firmware version – Check which Convept firmware version you have.

The number of PMs is set by the RowPro plan: Establish an internet connection. The time deltas recorded on the analyzer suggest that there is approximately 1 second of delay between the write and read call – close to the timeout value. The PM3 manual indicates that this has a refresh rate of Hz although that isn’t an implication you can read it that quicklyI think RowPro uses this to try to sync your on-screen rower to your own cadence. For additional firmware update troubleshooting, see Concept2 Utility Troubleshooting.


Shipping charges include brokerage fees, but you will still be responsible for duties and taxes. Our flagship product RowPro is designed exclusively for use with Concept2 Indoor Rowers and is used daily in over 40 countries.

I’d really like to see a version of RowPro for the Pi as I think the Pi but small screen would make a great workout companion at a decent price. Concept2 Utility User Interface Overview. If the problem persists, contact Concept2 for assistance.

Make sure the PM does not have flat batteries and works appropriately by itself when not connected ussb USB.

On the main Concept2 Utility screen, click Update Firmware. Insert the USB flash drive into your computer.

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