English – 23 3. English – 10 2. English – 9 2. Switches between different image sources: Do not block the slots and openings in the case. Press [d] to enable [Delay].

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DIP switch Bottom English – 6 3. English – 20 camsra. Click on [Get Picture] to finish, as shown in the top right figure. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. To obtain the latest manuals, literature, and software please visit the Dukane web site at; www.

View text files in this mode to make text clearer. English – 16 Chapter 7 Descriptions of Major Functions 7. It’s a duoane project which helps to repair anything. Press [PBP] to return to the stored image screen. Press [d] to select [Factory Reset].

English – 21 5. Press [Capture] to capture images in Microsoft Word. Do not place the Document Camera on an unstable trolley, stand or table. Do not try to defeat this safety feature. Press [f] or [e] to access the [Storage] menu. Press [f] or [e] to select among [ON] modes.


Dukane B Document Overhead Camera Presenter | eBay

English – 18 2. Press [PBP] to enter the photo selection screen. Place the Document Camera where it can be easily unplugged.

The operation is identical from both the remote control and the control panel.

Dukane 335B Document Overhead Camera Presenter

Press [d] to select sukane All]. Press [f] or [e] to select the [Storage] menu. A window displaying a live image see below will appear. English – 22 7.

Connecting To A Computer – Dukane Camera B User Manual [Page 11]

English – 28 Chapter 9 Software instructions Using the Camera with a computer. Deletes images stored in the internal memory. Never allow liquid of any kind to spill into the Dukaane Camera. Press [f] or [e] to move the selected image left or right. Do not place the Document Camera where the cord can be stepped on as this may result in fraying or damage to the lead or the plug.


Dukane Camera 335B User Manual: Connecting To A Computer

Automatically adjusts the focal length between the lens and the object being projected. Operation with any IM program is similar.

Switches between different image sources: Do not use the Document Camera near water or source of heat. Do not overload wall sockets, extensions leads or multi-way plug boards as this may cause fire or electric shock.

This is a safety feature to ensure that the plug will fit into the power outlet. Adjust the focus of microscope.

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