We have plotted the luminance trend on the graph above. If you’re using HDMI you can control the colour space as well here. The default setup was not great but you can make some basic adjustments in the OSD menu to return a pretty good starting point. It was possible to achieve a more accurate calibration in other preset modes, but that did not seem to be possible here on the FG View of an all black screen from the side. The tweaked setup we talked about earlier should be more than adequate for most office work. This allowed us to obtain an optimum hardware starting point and setup before software level changes would be made at the graphics card level.

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If the manufacturer does not provide such information, the width is calculated from the diagonal and the aspect ratio. From a pixel response time point of view we were impressed by the fast firis on the most part. The gamma modes offered you an adjustment range from 2.

It’s very hard as a result to produce a technique which will measure just the signal processing on its own unfortunately. The FG was actually a little faster in practice than the One other annoying thing was the lack of any option to control how long the OSD menu remained on screen. There is a small additional lag or around 4ms added when Turbo is enabled, but still not a huge number to worry about.

These bad boy’s are simply the Rolls Royce of monitors!!! Information about the brightness of the screen. Minimum response time Information about the eozo amount of time, in which the pixels change from one color to another.


Worth the spend for sure, awesome product. However, some others like x and x for instance both However in the end this amounted to nothing and as we understand it now, AUO have no current plans to develop Hz VA panels themselves.

The comparisons made in this section try to give you a better view of how each screen performs, particularly out of the box which is what is going to matter to most consumers. The overall gaming performance of the Eizo FG was very good and we were pleased with what we saw.

Brightness Information about the brightness of the screen.

Foris FG2421.

There was a moderate range of ergonomic adjustments available from the stand allowing you to obtain a comfortable enough position. The screen coating on the FG It is a normal anti-glare AG offering as opposed to any kind of glossy coating. For normal day to day uses we wanted to test the other preset modes and settings to see how easy it is to improve the image quality for non-gaming.

Again we suppose it could be argued that this is a gaming screen and that finite colour accuracy is perhaps not a main concern, but it was a shame not to be able to achieve a perfect calibration seemingly on this screen.

EIZO Foris FGBK – LED monitor – Full HD (p) – 24″ Overview – CNET

Detail in darker scenes should not be lost as a result, and shadow detail should be very good. This was a bit faster in practice, and also confirmed by our response time measurements for that screen. However, that fv2421 not an official native refresh rate support and can vary a lot.


You can see that the backlight is being turned on and off tg2421 during each frame, which fits in with Eizo’s description of the frame doubling element. If PWM is used for backlight dimming, the higher the frequency, the less likely you are to see artefacts and flicker.

23.5″ EIZO Foris FG2421 – Specifications

Tilt, 60mm height, swivel. An X-rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter was also used to verify the black point and contrast ratio since the i1 Pro spectrophotometer is less reliable at the darker end.

Response times were probably beyond what we were expecting and very impressive for this panel technology. Most displays have the ability to be tilted forward and backward as to provide a more comfortable viewing position for the user.

Eizo Foris FG (Hz) review – FlatpanelsHD

The target is 0. The spec also lists maximum power consumption of 53W but that may mean when devices are connected via USB as well, it doesn’t specify. It wasn’t a perfect sRGB coverage but that’s fairly common and confirms the screen is standard gamut as we expected.

We have fg22421 told that AU Optronics are not planning at this time to produce any Hz compatible VA panels incidentally. There were a couple of issues when you start to consider other uses.

On a black image there was a slight pale glow from an angle but it was nothing really bad at all.

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