Although their fan base was nowhere near huge, it was a loyal crowd, and Stuart knew how to cater to them. We later found he’d lost several teeth and had lots of stitches. He started a magazine dedicated to the skinhead movement, and began doing interviews where he began referring to himself as a “martyr” and a “patriot. Hail victory and the strong survive really sucked, to each is own. Some members of the original Skrewdriver line-up objected strongly to the new direction in which Donaldson took the band.

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We talked for a long time and drank far too much beer while looking back over his 15 minutes of fame with Skrewdriver.

I reckon we headlined there once and supported a couple of times, but it was the highlight of the whole thing for me. Then they came to a flashpoint: A Punk Rock History and Pictures”. All else pales and the rest is filler.

He came to the factory and listened to us go histoey our stuff, and he was really impressed, I think we were all a bit taken aback. Not to be confused with Ian Donaldson. The skinhead image was a fashion thing, maybe in hindsight a bit misconceived. The other three guys in the band were really pissed off too.

We survived on a diet of potatoes and baked beans. hietory

Love writes in her book, Trendy Fascism: Grinny, Kev and Don quit their jobs straight away, so it all hinged on me, basically we had to go in April or not at all. A live recording exists of a June 77 gig at the Marquee, the actual date is uncertain.


Phil Walmsley Sets the Record Straight – Skrewdriver The band existed as two very distinct entities, Skrewdriver Mk1 evolved out of the punk explosion that gripped Britain in The crowd were all tabloid punks who thought it was cool to shower the artistes in saliva.

This ‘White Power’ band has been the soundtrack of racist punk for 40 years

Sceptre; new edition 20 May Moreover, the members look uncomfortable against Stuart, a burl in the punk cloth. Don ended up at the flat Mark and I skredwriver for quite a while, he was still a skinhead which made things a bit awkward at times. The two lads out of Shabby Tiger were not happy, they just took us to the M6 and dropped us off at the first service station.

So thank you and Move on with your livesI know I will.

Skrewdriver – Raw early punk and oi on Chiswick Records. A Punk Rock History and Pictures.

New Musical Express He may not be remembered favorably, but Ian Stuart’s career is definitely one of the more memorable stories in the punk rock scene. Everything was arranged, then objections were raised and after convening a special meeting it was blocked, they didn’t want that kind of thing in Blackpool.

If you want to show your support for the hard work we do to feature underground music on a daily basis, please consider turning your AdBlock off. Frequency of gigging was erratic, there would be gaps of a week or two, then some sort of mini tour, four or five gigs on the trot.


Don was laughing and patting him on the back. Its just music people, stop being a bunch of pussies. Stuart first formed Tumbling Dice, a Rolling Stones cover group that saw very minor success in Blackpool. Racist or not this record pales in comparison to other bands of the era.

They were part of histpry second generation of Punks inspired by the Pistols. He became quite involved in the National Front, the key organization in Britain to support the new racist skinhead movement.

Skrewdriver – Wikipedia

Their next album, Hail the New Dawn, was another controversial release in skrewdeiver I cannot understand where you get the ridiculous idea that anyone who wears a Union Jack is some kind of Nazi. I reckon the vast majority of the student audience had never actually seen skrewvriver punk band but it went down really well. Apparently they used to be the singer and drummer out of Shabby Tiger, a 70s glam rock band. It was fantastic really.

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