After working with me on the phone, and unplugging each of the motors on my non-warranty duplexer, we determined that it was the controller board. I have a Konica Magicolour DL colour laser printer and I have put in a refilled black toner cartridge which works great, but the machine wont go into power saving mode. I have a magicolor w konica minolta printer. I removed the cartridges and vacuumed a large amount of toner from the bottom. If the pin is not in the groove then the unit will draw paper just though the fuser unit then report a jam.

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I have had this thing in pieces and cleaned and vacuumed every nook and cranny. Konica DL – Transfer Belt has bumps in it. And since it has happened to both machines then I thought this may be a common problem that someone might have experienced. Due to copyright I cannot post the pics up on the forum but if you send me a message with your email then I will send them to you.

The tech mailed me a new board! The printer overall is pretty sweet and the ink lasts for an extremely long time.


Konica Minolta – Page

What can i do? As the paper feeds I can hear it getting “stuck”.

This involved removing a few screws and releasing a couple of plastc tabs. If somebody has any ideas please share with me.

I have a Magicolor printer and it does the high pitch and jam scenario sporadically. The problem is we received now an error message of “replace Developer”.

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Are your cartridges original Koninca and if so, have they been refilled? I returned them to the plain paper setting and all is well. The item is new and unused. They reduce the clearance and pressure on the fuser rollers for feeding envelopes. I agree, they should woork in either, it is very weird.

Perhaps use Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. Don’t know what to do next!

PS I have service manual, but do not see anything in troubleshooting section pertaining to this problem. TNK Type A. The printer is about 3 years old and on its second set of cartridges after initial toner refills were konicw on the first set. Sometimes even then it jams. Please can you advise?

Konica 7155

I’ve only just discovered this site; I hope someone can help me out. PS machines are about a year apart in age and the one continuously showing this problem has much less usage so I do not think it is related to age or number of copies.


This is so they can recoup the money on toner that they lose selling the machine cheaper. The lines are not all the same length and do not seem to have a pattern to them and they sometimes wrap around or are affected by image on paper. I tried to clean the cleaner parts above the drum, but konnica work.

Aditionally, I’m having problems printing color on it. Turns out that there was some gunk on the 3 gold contacts on the cartridge which were easily cleaned with an eraser. How can I fix this? It get stuck behind the cover. Found this at company web site. The top one is very high easy to missbut the lower one was my problem, with it sticking behind the hole.

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