You can only shut off the start up page with the Apple Utilities program. If you are unlucky and most people using this 10 year old printer fall into this category now , the back surface is dirty. My printer is networked as well with a Farallon iPriint adapter on ethernet- accessible via Airport- using a couple of Macs.. I have read that it might be a toner problem, but I am not convinced that this is the case. Assuming I won’t be able to find any more replacements, this may be spell the end for this printer, regardless.

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Like has been mentioned before, pull back on the drum shutter and you’ll see a smattering of toner.

There is no way to make it go any faster. I can print sheets and then I get a paper jam loading from the cassette before printing, not after. It is a bear to get access to the back side to clean it. It’s easy to get confused between the models as they have the same numbers. And the request for a place to get new rollers is a good one Just want to know which number is the best bet for a PC?

I’m running this machine that I got for free on my XP machine and it runs like a charm! Does it sound like cleaning could do the trick?


Just do a save target as on Chris’ farrer. Reopened the printer and found the loose connection.

Apple LaserWriter Select | FixYourOwnPrinter

Has any one else encountered this? Chris -re the paper misfeed – I’m having the same problem. The window was clean. They do so by applying a static charge to the back of the paper to attract the toner.

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 – Dirty printouts

Thank you in advance – Anonymous. It always prints out a demo page once you power it on.

Theoretically, the printer shouldn’t work if the heat lamp isn’t coming on. If you see the problem on aelect page, it’s a bad toner cartridge. I wonder if it is a software command problem rather than hardware.

Or, if by “scanner” it means the optics for putting the print job image onto the print drum via a laser, why would the right side of the printer which has the fan need cleaning when the left side of the printer away from the fan is what prints the faded right side of the paper?

I have read that it might be a toner problem, but I am not convinced that this is the case. I think I have a roller problem. If you stick a bigger gas tank on your car, does that make it go any faster?

  KM266A-8235 VGA DRIVER

I also tried that ID 4 o get a print of info but nothing happened I have deduced that it must be done through the Apple Utilities program,but am unaware of where to go to download it. From what homepage can I download the Cleaning Page.

Apple LaserWriter Select Printer – Apple Rescue of Denver

Moe, I expect you may be right. If there is papaer in the tray, they will be held down more than when there is no paper. We used to have a repair kit for it, but can’t get lamps at a reasonable price anymore so it was discontinued.

I’ve even tried the command prompt to make it print and that works. You can use both ports at the same time on the Select It can deal with bigger files?

Otherwise, it’s a great, reliable printer. You can either simplify the job or go into printer properties and select prunter lower dpi setting.

If you are good taking apart things and putting them back together, then I would suggest that.

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