People fool themselves into thinking putting on a Mac apple sticker on their PC makes it legal. Yer but who cares if I pay for it I should be able to do whatever I want with it. Working with with MacLovin’s Driver patch here is the installation guid. Posted May 6, A work in progress as usual.

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One may need to move his hand close enough to the fan to see if it is running. Posted November 11, The newer card has a non osx86 supported rt61 chip only ppc driver available and comes oxx86 wpa2 support. How to install the application? As a side note, this card works perfectly in Vista x64 as well, n-mode all the way!

I’ll look in to it later So you want to have dual monitors going? Asus Radeon HD works with patch Processor: But, as I live in Texas, I have the right to shoot anyone who trespasses on my property and ask questions later.


Linksys Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter WUSB54GC – Network – osxorg

Whenever the word hackintosh comes up some wanna-be lawyers chime in how the hackintosh community is breaking the law and how horribly Apple and Steve Jobs suffers from oxs86. Don’t add hardware just because you think it might work.

Posted November 24, edited. Contents 1 Motherboards 1. Everything else is on the install DVD. Forget Leopard try Snow Leopard, or forget updating all together. That worked for me, although not for others. Back to the Point Theres a guide out there somewhere. If you need any help, message me.

D is that using that unibeast? Doesn’t work without patches.

Stereo works with odx86 patch. I went back to even older VoodooHDA drivers! Zydas driver can be downloaded from ftp. How safe are software updates?

Pull out each kext that has anything to do with audio and then re-run MultiBeast? Theoretical debate is only fun until someone is slapped with a lawsuit. Thanks for any help and please delete this if it’s not allowed. This is a component level hardware compatibility list.


HCL 10.4.1

I only really put together the hackintosh rig for giggles: I have obviously needed to re-install OSX A fresh copy of the Lion installer llnksys always be re downloaded from the Mac App Store by clicking on the Purchased tab with the Option key held down. Clean installs with Lion are easy once you find where Apple has hidden the boot disk.

PS you don’t need to have any pre OS installed. Their are plenty of guides try this one HERE http: Not dual gpu like crossfire?

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