Directly behind the power connectors are two sets of LED lights. Note that core overclocking is bound to raising voltage by default, and the utility increases voltage automatically at extreme overclocking to avoid damage. There’s also a Safe Mode button for quick settings reset. TweakIt — Instant voltage adjustment! JPG Asus has taken it one step further with the GTX Platinum cooling solution, the heatsink is a remarkable blend of performance and aesthetics. Asus has raised the bar once again by including a Safe Mode button for quick and easy operational restoration of a corrupted BIOS or failed flashing. The GDDR5 is also overclocked and comes stock at an amazing 4.

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The inside flap provides even more detailed information of the unique attributes of this card. As mentioned above, the card has two 8-pin supplementary power connectors, but it may be bundled with only one power adapter, so make sure you get another.

ASUS MATRIX GTX P/2DIS/MD5 – graphics card – GF GTX – GB Overview – CNET

For extreme users and ideally LN2 Overclockers the shorting of these circuits by use of solder, conductive pen or variable p/22dis/1536md5 allows the card to operate with Over Current Protection disabled. The Matrix heatsink acts as a graphics load indicator light blue lights on the Matrix logo represent a light load while red lights represent extreme work load conditions.


Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. Additional information on the inside flap of the retail box informs us of the graphics cards specifications. GPU Tweak — Professional graphics overclocking tools for enthusiasts!

Shorting this will double the switching frequency from KHz to a staggering KHz. BioShock Infinite and Metro: The bottom of the card is home to the PCI express 16 pins supporting a full bi-directional 16x graphics lane.

Tweak, Game and Win with ASUS ROG MATRIX GTX580 Platinum graphics card

This is a very welcomed feature for hardware enthusiasts, think of it like the “Clear CMOS” on a motherboard. Directly below the GPU core is the GPU’s serial number, you may want to take note of serial number during installation as it may be difficult to p/2die/1536md5 in a fully assembled system. Matrix Retail Box packaged card. The open cooler design also dissipates heat into the systems chassis. The above picture shows us four open circuits, easily accessible and conveniently labeled.

MATRIX GTX P/2DIS/MD5 | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

On the left side of the box we see pictures depicting the physical TweakIt voltage buttons. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. Positioned at the far back of the card are two 8pin EPS 12 volt PCI express power connectors used to supply additional 12 volt power p/2dis/1536nd5 the graphics card for maximum graphics stability and overclocking potential.

Here is what we have been waiting for! TweakIt provides users with flexible overclocking control even when running benchmark programs! With the cooler removed you can really see the depth of a 3 slot wide card by looking at the PCI support bracket.


The GDDR5 is also overclocked and comes stock at an amazing 4. Matrix cardback plate and logo. Notice the series of holes in the back plate. With the Cooling assembly removed we can clearly see the unprecedented 19 phase Power for the GPU graphics core. These fans will provide massive airflow through its enormous cooler. Looking at the ytx580 we first see a very p/2is/1536md5 explosion as if the performance of this card can not be bound within the limits of its box.

ProbeIt — Instant voltage measurement! Matrix IO ports.

JPG Located inside the retail box is an elegantly packaged accessories kit. Matrix Retail Box window. Is it the same as the Direct Cu II? The very bottom circuit is a surprising p/2dis/15536md5 new mod for graphics cards.

These holes are intentionally placed as to allow sufficient airflow for passive cooling of the cards printed circuit board. I mean, how thick is it?

Safe Mode is very useful for Overclockers and trouble shooting in a time crunch.

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