Loop Detected – indicates if a loop exists on the bus. With Windows 7 you are required to change to the “legacy” FireWire driver, but this is not needed and I think impossible on Windows 8. And with playback now proceeding I pushed the REC button on CapDVHS which had already surprised me enough even by just starting up and running seemingly without a complaint. Front Panel Cold Reset Method 1 1. This setting is most useful when using the DCXM in dim or dark rooms. If you cannot get a video display when the DCXM is connected to the television via component video or HDMI cables, use the Format button to select a video output format that results in a viewable picture on the display screen. Page of

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It is recommended to use an unswitched outlet, if possible. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. The plug is the main disconnect device.

Mohorola the analog outputs is your only way around those copy protected channels. Font Edge Type Sets the edge appearance used for rendering drawing closed captions.

It still works great and looks new minus one scratch on top that is only cosmetic. The M-Card should not be removed. During normal operation, the DCXM emits a low humming noise, similar to a personal computer. It’s frustrating because I think except for the device ID the boxes work identically to the ‘s. Service 3 Set by the provider Service 3. Give me the exact steps you want me to follow.

  MS 7142 VER 1 DRIVER

DCX3510 Cable DVR

Because some entertainment equipment cannot simultaneously support baseband composite video and S-Video, never simultaneously connect both video inputs. Audio Processor is locked to the audio stream. The DCXM cannot convert any other broadcast format to the p24 video format. Windows 7 on super steroids with FireWire support that shames its predecessor. The DCXM can only display subtitles in the language s that have been included within the program.

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My Windows 8 capture system is currently dead I was using a Sony dcx-35000 and had it precariously balanced and wound up knocking it down and breaking the FireWire connection. The buttons are activated when your fingertip touches the marked areas on the front panel. These programs are broadcast in Font Size Sets the font size used for rendering drawing closed captions. It can mohorola 5 to 42 MHz. Ensure the set-top is powered on. Serves dual purpose as serial test connector service personnel only.

In other words, one movies minutes will end up being over 11GB! The angle between the remote control and the DCXM may be too large.


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It can be an integer from 0 to Auto, Standard, Large, or Small. I finally decided just to leave the setup parameters exactly as they were by default, with the exception of the F: Power Level The downstream channel power level in dBmV.

Verify that there are no obstructions between the remote control and the DCXM.

The stream indexer version number, without leading zeros; for example, version is displayed as During Transportation to the Subscriber Home Transport the cable terminal in its shipping box or an equally padded container. Stack Unit Unit used in purchase processing.

Audio Processor is not locked to the audio stream. Not all televisions will support all of the available video formats. Software version is the one that most people report, been like that for some months now. I then right clicked on this file again and given the option of opening it, I attempted to open it with various video decoders such as VLC, but with no good result.

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